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leo_lovers's Journal

Life is a Gambit!

Quiring minds want to know?
18 August 1984
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I am a Leo, so is my Huzzband Joey, to which I have loved since the first time I laid eyes on him,
We are Newlyweds, had a way to expensive wedding, but it was so rockstar...It really was beautiful! I can't describe it
Mr & Mrs
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I'm also a Mommy,
to a Beautiful Little Blue Eyed Girl, Mikayla. She is so ridiculously funny, cute and awesome...born in Sept. 05'... She makes our lives so much more interesting and tiring, I am addicted to pepsi, and I love junk food, WENDY's, I don't cook. But it's my self resolution to start after the New Year, I am a store manager for motherhood maternity. I love my job. We found out we are pregnant with our 2nd baby roberts and we couldn't be more excited!!!
I'm a girly girl, I love pink, I love notebooks, I love make-up, fashion and sparklies. and for the first time in my life I can actually say I love everything
about it!
This is Mikayla at 6 months old
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We're Married! We are at the Airport leaving for our honeymoon here
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Children are the World's Best Miracle's
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