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so freaking tired all the time.
I go to bed early, I sleep late and nap.
all I want to do is sleep.
this pregnancy is whooping my ass.
any great energy suggestions because
i still work fulltime and cant make it through a day?

Private HeLP!

Can anyone please tell me how to make this journal private...I totally forget how to do it. Everything is so different since I was on here everyday.
I'm learning, but need some damn help*

Jealous Daughter!!

I babysit my friend's son occasionally....His name is Konnor. He'll be 1 in July. and my Jealous daughter picked up a little stool and threw it at his head today. I've never been so upset with her! Time OUt and a hand smack was definately in order. She is usually such an angel! LITERALLY!
But watching him every now and then definately reminds me that I do not want 2 kids right now! I wouldn't get a damn thing done!!!


Apr. 3rd, 2007

I'm planning a Wedding for June 16th and its coming along really nicely!
The Bride is 100% happy with the turnout of the amount of stress I'm taking off of her!
I'm really wanting to put my name out there more and have no problem doing so but the uptake in Ohio is really slow. I love this job!
She is a Harley lover and so is her Fiance' so the theme is Harley of course!
Orange, Black and peach...her favorite color.

She couldn't of picked a better color as Orange is the #1 trend this year!

*In other news* We took my Bulldog to the vet today. Poor thing, her tail was cut wrong when she was born and now we have a full blown infection. Shes on antibiotics and cream to heal it but shes to have surgery soon to reshape her tail.

We will also be breeding her this year!
Bulldog puppies are the cutest!

ode to dishes!

So everyday here in the new house I do the same damn thing.

At my old house, I hated the kitchen, wouldn't step foot in there other than to get something for mikayla or to grab myself a pepsi! and Joey ALWAYS cooked.

I love my kitchen here.
It's so pretty. and Bright, and cheerful. But thats doesnt mean Joey never has to do the dishes does it? GAH! I literally wash them at the same time everyday. Being as though buying the house was pretty expensive and all....we are like budgeting fools and never go out to eat now. I am the Fast Food Queen so its a change for me and I often find myself really bored...
There isn't room for a dishwasher.... I already looked into that shit!

So, I am officially the proud owner of Jennifer Roberts Event Coordinating. I started advertising and my Web-site is in the works. I have my business cards. and I am full swing planning a wedding for June 16th! I almost had another wedding for the 6th of July but some dumb shit no experienced im bored that day newlywed decides she can do it....for free? So I lost the deal, but I really really would of worked things out so it'd end up being rather cheap for her and im certified.........maybe even free to add her to my showcase, you know work for work? AAA??? But no!

Random Jenn Info!

*I'm addicted to Reality TV*
*Mikayla and I eat Green Beans everyday because we love them*
*I am seriously estatic for this summer*

Christmas Update.

Christmas was nice! Mikayla received presents from all of her family near
and far! and I can't walk through my living room :o)
She got the Weeble Magic Castle, about 20 books, Pop Up Tunnel,
a toy box, lots of cute outfits, slippers, boots, the bouncing
tigger, up up elmo, and she adores her Pink Escalade that her Mommy
and Daddy got her.

My younger brother acted like I didn't exict Christmas Morning
(if you missed the info, he hates me, hates joey and didnt come
to his only sister's wedding) so I was a little pissy after
going to my moms. We went to my Uncles after and to be honest
mommy drank alot :o) I had a great nite! Lots of fun and everyone
around me adored Mikayla!
It was right back to work yesterday though......today is cleaning,
returning, and putting things away.
I need to get checks ordered w/the new last name! I have none. and
the bills are due.
AHHHH! Christmas is over!

Good News comes in 3's

What a day!

1.) My husband calls me at work to let me know that his Brother and wife
are finally pregnant after 8 months of trying. She is a british girl,
very on the "up and up" snobby, and they are both very CHRISTIAN people.
They are great people but........... we're jealous that Joey and I had
a baby first considering that they "did things the right way" Marriage,
Careers, House, then Baby.... and well since Mikayla lite up everyones
life she was really getting pissy about not getting pregnant. So they
are due in August!

2.) My mom got engaged today. Her boyfriend is a great guy. Everyone in
the family actually likes him alot. He's great with Mikayla. In fact we
already call him Grandpa Greg.... with one exception.......He's an
Alcholoic?? BIG TIME! My mom NEVER drank until I turned 18.... she
knows.... she recognizes the problem........so we'll see but she has
a flippin hguge 1.5 karat diamond ring! HOLY SMOKES!

3.) Sister in Law had an interview one day after graduating college, and
she got the job!

in any case.
I'm so far behind. Thank you's for the wedding, mailing christmas presents.
I never got the fucking christmas cards out. Mikayla is behind on her shots
................ and i'd really like to stay home and take care of my
daughter full time.
I'm finishing my event coordinating certificate in February.......
God I hope I can find some sort of job and eventually launch my own
company which is the goal. But I did consider school again? Gr.

So I went CHristmas Shopping and Mikayla is a spoiled baby girl!
1. Up and Up Elmo 19.99
2. See and Say Animal THing 10.99
3. Winnie the Pooh Lap thing.... 7.00
4. Elmo and Cookie Monster Flip Cell Phone 9.99
6. Books galore-- 25.00
7. A Pink Cadalliac Escalade Ride On 39.99
and her Gorgeous Christmas dress that came with a Coat and Hat for 16.99!!!!
there is one more thing, I already wrapped it and cant remember what the
hell it is??

My younger brother still hates me. and definately hates joey.
He doesnt understand the true meaning of family. In fact
no one in my family cares.......except me. So I suppose the only
way I'm gonna have the family I want is too do it on my own!

My car payment is a month behind :o( I have a lease? It's just because
we are playing catch up from the wedding and honeymoon. Gr its' such
a horrible feeling and a BADDDDDD thing to do 3 months before your
lease is up. I'm fucked for a new car. Boo!

Some Wedding Pictures for you all

I'm trying to regroup and get all my wedding pictures
back from when my Hard Drive crashed..... here's a start.
My photographer signed over all copyright to me and I
have all my proofs, 2 discs, with every single photo good
and bad! She's awesome! If anyone needs a Photographer in
the Youngstown Area.... I have a great one for you.
Read more...Collapse )

Christmas Present Blues

We really need Christmas Present Ideas for Mikayla???

Did anyone buy anything so good this year for their
one year old you must recommend it?

LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work sucks!

Office Max = slave drivers.

I worked 1 o'clock to 11:30 tonite..... with a half hour break? WHAT?
My feet are killing me!

Joey and Mikki came in and saw me today. I just wanted
to leave with them

eh, at least I'm off the next two days .

My S-I-L graduates from college tomorrow so that's where I'll
be all day....................

I guess I'd better get the wedding thank you's out considering its been
about a month and a half since we got married.
I haven't legally changed my last name yet either?